Welcome to the Multi-Nation Business Continuity Task Force Working Groups

Welcome to the Multi-Nation Business Continuity Task Force Working Groups. Each of the 17 working groups is comprised of diverse, talented, and dedicated professionals, and can be found on the drop down menus above.

The next two months will be the bulk of the “heavy lifting” for each of the groups – meeting regularly and providing updated or tactical information to be received by the UAE Government.

Please be sure to check out the latest news, updates and meeting times in our News & Updates section.

How it works

Members of the workgroups are nominated by peers in their business council to serve as an industry expert. 

Each working group sector will look within their industry at specifics such as cash flow and credit facilities, tenancy relief, liability protection, and debt restructuring, performance/bid bonds, residency regulation, talent retention, tax exemption, in addition to other concerns.   

After we have completed the COVID crisis business continuity phase of the project we will move on to phase II. The objective is to share in the formation of innovative ideas, and, in so doing, to trigger your individual and collective thinking about how we can best ensure our objectives for a robust business environment. 

Three critical deliverables will be: 

Define our most urgent business challenges

Define what regulatory changes are potential roadblocks and suggest recommendations using our global experience.

Define actionable solutions (with timelines)

The Secretariat Committee Members

Sammy Bousaba

President | AmCham Dubai

Raed Hergli

Raed Hergli

Business Continuity – Task Force Chair

Jay Huston

Chairman | AmCham Abu Dhabi

Liz Beneski

Executive Director | AmCham Abu Dhabi

Cara Nazari

Managing Director | AmCham Dubai

Mamoon Sbeih

Mamoon Sbeih

President ME & NA | APCO