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Welcome to the Multi-Nation Business Continuity Task Force Logistics working group. This group is cross-sector, policy focused. The members of your working group together with their contact details are listed below. 

container operation in port series

Roles and Responsibilities

The Founding Secretariat will guide development of the following:

Stakeholder mapping exercise (Identify and build relationship with the correct stakeholders to drive policy discussions).

Development of defined objectives and engagement strategy.

Facilitate all internal meetings and manage all secretariat work and activities.

Engage key stakeholders

Facilitate all meetings between the business group and the government.

Public Relations.

The Industry Working Groups Chair(s) will guide development of the following:

Help the members organize, facilitate meetings internally (and with government entities when needed), define and build consensus for mutually beneficial policy suggestions.

Provide Industry guidance on how best to represent the most pressing concerns to governmental authorities.

Support all Working Group Meetings as non-biased Secretariat on issues and challenges members define.

Build consensus on most pressing issues.

Provide examples of global best practice for suggested policy through exploitation of the members global offices.

Logistics Work Group Members

Els Van Acoleyen

Els Van Acoleyen

Torben Eskelund_

Torben Eskelund

Raveen Guliani

Lim Siew Hua

Flemming Jensen

Flemming Jensen

Christina Struller

Philippe van Meir

Philippe van Meir

Leif Voelcker

Leif Voelcker

Ibrahim Abu Zaayed


Logistics Discussion Forum

Welcome to the Task Force Forum for News, Updates and Meetings Minutes   This area is dedicated to internal communications between working group committee members. Please use this area to post meeting minutes, meeting dates and general discussion between group